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What is coaching? 

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or lacking in energy coaching with me will give you the space to be heard, reflect, break down any obstacles and allow you to change and grow in a supported environment.

You will feel more energised, calmer, happier and healthier - coaching will help you to grow and flourish into a physically and mentally healthier you.

My clients say being coached decreases their anxiety, moves them forward and improves their wellbeing. You can find a link to testimonials on my home page.  

I coach clients face to face, on the phone , and now through 121with. Here you can call me online via audio or video. To find out more, go to ( Please contact me for packages, rates and more information. 

Yoga & Coaching - 6 week programme - London -Next Group January 2018

Join me for a unique yoga and life coaching programme, every Tuesday night for 6 weeks. We will explore the space created through the physical practice to empower you, grow and change your life off the mat. 

More details soon - message me to be kept informed!